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We are located in Greenwood Delaware in an area known as “slower lower Delaware”. We offer an ever evolving array of orchid species and orchid hybrids. We try to offer varieties that are unusual and unique, with an emphasis on Phalaenopsis and Cattleya. 
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In recent years, it has been observed that gardening has become more and more popular with many suburbanites and city dwellers alike. Some have taken a liking for this hobby as a way to relax from the stress they feel from work or family. If gardening has become a part of your routine, how about breeding Cattleya orchids in your home? Let Just Our Orchids show you how. 

This family-owned business has always been passionate for breeding orchids such as Cattleya orchids and Moth orchids. In fact, they have been part of some home and garden shows that showcased the orchids that they have in their store. 

You can own one of their orchids and display it in your home because Just Our Orchids offers a wide array of orchid species and orchid hybrids that you can purchase. Apart from selling, they also offer a re-potting service for those who prefer not to re-pot on their own because they may damage the roots of their orchid plant. 
If you are looking for a company to entrust your orchids, we guarantee that they will be in safe hands with Just Our Orchids.
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In case you have any questions about your orchids or if you want to inquire about our other services, you can send us an email at justourorchids.c@outlook.com or call us at (302) 398-4413. We will be glad to assist you with any concerns that you might have.